Saturday, August 25, 2007

WINTER ( January 22, 1971 )

The warm weather will come and go,
and leave us here with winter snow.
A huge white blanket all around,
that covers every spot of ground.
Some mornings you just awake and see,
the lovely ice that's on a tree.
A beautiful work of art I'd say,
I hope it will last another day.
The frost designs on the window clear,
I wish would last throughout the year.
Children playing , having fun,
knowing winters just begun.
Families gathering at the countryside,
renting horses, for a sleigh ride.
People taking in winter sport,
knowing that the time is short.
Spring is coming real soon,
that's when all the flowers bloom.
Snow is melting in the town,
snowmen falling all around.
Winters coming to an end,
spring is just around the bend.

Ice is melting skating is done,
winter sports are on the run.
Now I guess we'll have to wait,
for next winter, to learn to skate.
The ground is coming up through the snow,
I guess it's time we'd better go.

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